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 Ask yourself what is really IMPORTANT to you and then have the courage to build your life around that answer!

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R6 Coaching Programs

Signature Program

A 3 month 1:1 coaching program

Personalized program formulated just for you

12 - 45 min weekly coaching sessions

Voxer access for in between sessions, as you may have questions.  

Self care box sent to you to encourage you to take care of yourself

Weekly assignments

100 Self Care tips document

Journal prompts to redefine your Priorities



Client Reviews

Erin Rose is an amazing coach and has made a huge difference in my personal development journey. Erin is really powerful at listening to what’s underneath the listening. She has helped me get some massive personal breakthroughs in the last couple of years. Because of her love and skill, I now have deep peace and acceptance in my heart, and I am crushing my goals!

~ Monte C. 

I would highly recommend Erin Rose as a life coach. She is kind, caring, thoughtful, firm, and inspiring all at the same time.  Her communication is great as well, whether it be phone calls, in person meeting, or texts. She genuinely enjoys helping people.

 ~Chris B. 

It's always such a delight to see someone doing exactly what they are meant to do. This is exactly how I felt working with Erin Rose. She is capable, compassionate, and has a rare balance of knowledge, real life experience and levity to help you.  When working with Erin she will go right to the heart of the matter where effective and lasting change can happen. Calls and meetings with Erin always leave me feeling smarter, better prepared and confident in my abilities on the path forward.  

~Sheila C